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This is my site that I will dump pictures, thoughts, ideas, what is happening etc. I am currently working at Bonterra Blu in Clyde, Texas. I love working there especially since I can ride my bike to work and I am given creative freedom to come up with ideas and dishes and the owners and I have the same ideals when it comes to food and living. I feel very fortunate that I acquired this job right out of culinary school. I am still taking pictures, just not as prolific as I once was with my "real" camera. I find myself taking more with my phone and with my sister's insistence you can find my images here: I will post my other pictures on here as time allows but if you know me I always seem to have 420 projects going on at once.
Starting with Gardening this year. I am actually putting plants in the ground this year. My goal in the next couple of years is to eliminate my lawn and replace them with beds of useful plants. I feel the lawn is a waste of time and resources. Having a manicured lawn is a fairly new idea that started with the rich in England and is copied by the peoples who would like to appear like the rich elite who can afford to pay to have it maintained. We are far from being rich, I hate mowing and to keep up with the Jones is a bit crazy.

I still love my spiders so make sure you check out gallery.

You can check out my culinary gallery which consists of mostly school images at the moment as well.

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